Mexican catrina

Fine Art 

Fine art photography is photography which objective is not to capturate the reality documentary,  but create piece of art. The goal of fine-art photography is to express an idea, a message, or an emotion.  Fine Art photography capture a lot of attention.

Ballet photoshoot ideas

The foundation of the creation of fine art photography  is careful preparation — first  making a story and set, then creating a model look, and finally the professional photo editing. There is a lot of variety between each photo of this genre of photography and there are practically no limits. Some portraits may resemble Renaissance piece of art, others may be fantasy style with lots of photomontage elements, and third may even be scary. The Fine Art photoshoot can be shooted for anyone who wants to have extraordinary photos and cut a figure. 

UFO and girl


Every project is different and its cost depend on type of make up, set and decoration, clothes etc.

Usually price starts from  $5000 pesos

Para saber el costo exacto de la sesión cuéntame un poco sobre tu idea 


Here are two  videos with behind the scenes where you can see how we shoot photos of Mexican Catrina

Fine Art photo. Victoria Castellanos. Photographer in Mazatlán
Fine Art photo. Victoria Castellanos. Photographer in Mazatlán

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